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Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Staten Island, NY

Dog & cat vaccinations are part and parcel of your pet’s wellness plan. Much like their owners, our pets need protection from the hazardous diseases lurking around their environment. Pet vaccinations are the best option for keeping them safe and healthy, and must be re-administered periodically to preserve their efficacy. Vaccines are made up of a live or modified version of a virus. Injecting a vaccine into your pet triggers an immune response in which antibodies are produced to fight off the virus. Should your pet encounter the virus in real life, their immune system should be able to recognize and destroy it.

Here in Staten Island, our state-of-the-art animal hospital is equipped with all the essential dog and cat vaccines our patients require to stay healthy. We offer individualized vaccine protocols perfectly tailored to suit their lifestyle needs. Call us today at (718) 987-7777.

Cat and Dog Vaccinations We Offer

At Dongan Hills Veterinary Practice and Integrative Wellness Center in Staten Island, NY, we recommend several vaccines for cats and dogs to keep them as healthy as possible. These include:

Dog Vaccinations

  • Rabies vaccine – initially given as a 1-year vaccine, then given every 3 years
  • DA2P (distemper/adenovirus/parvovirus) – initially given as a 1-year vaccine, followed by every 3 years, then every 5
  • Bordetella (kennel cough) – given every 6 months

Cat Vaccinations

  • Rabies vaccine – initially given as a 1-year vaccine, then every 3 years
  • FVRCP (feline distemper) – initially given as a 1-year vaccine, then every 3 years
  • FeLV (feline leukemia) – given annually to indoor/outdoor patients

Vaccinate for Common Pet Viruses in Staten Island

Our environment is teeming with viruses, but the ones that affect our pets the most include:

  • Rabies – nearly always fatal; attacks the nervous system
  • Distemper virus – can be fatal; affects the lungs, brain, and spinal cord
  • Parvovirus – can be fatal; attacks the heart and intestinal lining
  • Hepatitis – can cause vision loss, attacks the liver
  • Kennel cough (Bordetella) – contagious respiratory disease

Your cat or dog’s vaccination plan depends entirely on their age, breed, size/weight, and lifestyle. During your pet’s wellness exam with us, we’ll go over what they need and why they need it. Naturally, their needs will change over time, and our health plans are flexible to accommodate varying circumstances.

cat and dog vaccinations

Our Priority is Your Cat or Dog’s Safety

Our highest priority here in Staten Island is making sure your pet is fully protected at all times from harmful viruses. It’s our greatest pleasure to be able to care for your animal companion and see them thriving day in and day out. To schedule your cat or dog’s vaccinations, reach out to us at (718) 987-7777.