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Dr. Allison Brown

Dr. Allison Brown joined DHVP in July of 1995 as a veterinary assistant and went on to become a licensed veterinary technician 3 years later.

After receiving guidance and encouragement from Dr. Carreras, she went on to veterinary school, receiving her DVM with Honors from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. In July 2012 she became co-owner of DHVP and strives to maintain the excellence in veterinary medicine and surgery set forth by her mentor, Dr. Carreras. When Dr. Brown is not on the job caring for her patients she enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and 3 other furry babies!

Dr. Rodney Jerger

Dr. Rodney Jerger graduated with honors from Ross university School of veterinary medicine in July 2005, followed by a 1-year rotating internship at metropolitan veterinary specialist in Akron, Ohio. Dr. Jerger continued his career development in NYC practicing medicine and surgery at Park East veterinary hospital and Richmond Valley animal hospital. Dr. Jerger went on to become a mobile ASPCA surgeon in addition to working per diem for the animal care and control of Staten Island. Dr. Jerger joined DHVP in 2012 as well as becoming co-owner of the practice.

After Hurricane Sandy, Dr. Jerger played a vital role in rebuilding DHVP and worked endlessly to sustain the practice. Dr. Jerger enjoys spending down time with his wife, two children, two dogs and axle the cat, but especially loves to cheer on his favorite sporting teams from his hometown of Cincinnati!

Dr. Thomas Carreras

Born in a country village in the Campania region of Italy, Dr. Carreras’ family immigrated to the United States in the early 60’s. His family settled in the Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn where he attended junior and senior high school. Dr. Carreras went on to receive his BA from Hunter College and then returned to Italy to attend his father’s alma mater, The University of Naples School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Thomas Carreras received his DVM degree in January 1980 and had the incredible fortune to meet his mentor, Dr. Frank Borzio, to whom he his immensely grateful. He then went on to establish his own practice, Dongan Hills Veterinary Practice, in 1986.

Dr. Carreras’ family consists of his wife Barbara, his sons Anthony and Edward and their wives Adrienne and Robyn, his grandchildren Sophia and Calvin and his schnauzers Link and Daisy.

Practice Manager

Sandra M.

Sandra joined Dongan Hills Veterinary Practice in June 2016. Prior to joining our team, she was the assistant director of operations at NYU student health center where she spent the last 25 years of her career. Sandra enjoys spending time with her life long partner, her family and cuddling with her fur babies Sofi and Jaxson.

Veterinary Staff

Jessica F.

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Dongan Hills Veterinary Practice in Staten Island

Jessica joined Dongan Hills Veterinary Practice in August 2014. Jessica knew from any early age that she had a calling for animals and made that dream come true by Graduating from Bergen County Community College with a Degree in Veterinary Technology. Along with caring for all of the patients of DHVP she also dotes over her 3 dogs Jake, Baylee, Piston and 2 turtles. Jessica also enjoys babysitting her 1 year old nephew and walking her dogs.

Matt S.

Licensure for Veterinary Technician in progress

Matt S in Staten Island

I am currently a student at Penn Foster university earning my degree as a veterinary technician. At home I am a proud pet parent to 2 dogs, a jack russell and puggle, along with my 2 rescue cats. And no, they don’t get along but i wouldn’t have it any other way. I have had pets since I was 4 years old and could never imagine a household without one. I am a strong supporter of adoption and using cruelty free products.

Barbara F.

Licensure for Veterinary Technician in progress

Barbara F in Staten Island
I am a lover of animals large and small. I have been a veterinary assistant for 22 years.  I am also a therapeutic horseback riding instructor and teach children with special needs to ride horses.

Veterinary Assistants

Brittany P in Staten Island

Brittany P.

Tom R in Staten Island

Tom R.

Michele L in Staten Island

Michele L.

Jillian T in Staten Island

Jillian T.

Jon C in Staten Island

Jon C.

Justine B in Staten Island

Justine B.

Emily R in Staten Island

Emily R.

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Thomas B in Staten Island

Thomas B.

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Christine M.

Meike B in Staten Island

Meike B.

Client Service Representatives

Krista I in Staten Island

Krista I.

Nicole D in Staten Island

Nicole D.

Sage P in Staten Island

Sage P.

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Grooming Staff



Cathy in Staten Island

Ever since Cathy was a little girl she’s had a special deep connection with dogs, big and small.  Her absolute love for dogs inspired her even as a child to learn as much as she could about their complex, fascinating psychology which lead her to get certified – with honors – by the only NYS Board of Education School for Pet Grooming in NYC.  Along the way she’s developed the strong belief that the dogs comfort and safety always come first – not a trendy look or even vanity.

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