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Dog Grooming in Staten Island, NY

Ever since Cathy was a little girl she’s had a special deep connection with dogs, big and small.  Her absolute love for dogs inspired her even as a child to learn as much as she could about their complex, fascinating psychology.  Dogs have always been a part of this native lifelong New Yorker’s world and she dreamed of someday finding a way to work with them.

However, as often happens, she found herself in the corporate world after getting her college degree.  And yet, for the next 29 years, despite an active, successful career, her “passion for doges never left her”, she says.  Cathy could always be counted on to bring her dogs to work, provide the perfect solution for fellow dog owners having doggy behavioral problems and happily dog-sitting for anyone who asked.

Eventually, her unwavering desire to work with dogs led her to leave her corporate job and pursue a career focused around the care and well-being of her favorite animals.  Her first step was to get certified – with honors – by the only NYS Board of Education School for Pet Grooming in NYC.  She says what impressed her most about her hands-on training was learning the health risks for dogs that were not groomed or cared for properly.

Along the way she’s developed the strong belief that the dogs comfort and safety always come first – not a trendy look or even vanity.

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Cathy M